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Another sad farewell…
19 May, 2017
An insider’s guide to Sónar
17 June, 2017

How our week went…

Here are just a few of the activities that we enjoyed with our guests this week…

The Bunkers:

The Bunkers were originally built in the later 1930s during the Spanish Civil War on the top of the hill of Turó de la Rovira. This spot was perfect because you could survey the whole city of Barcelona from atop the hill. Originally the hill also included large 105mm cannons and other fortifications, but the one thing that remained was the beauty of the panoramic view.

In the past couple decades the site has been restored and renovated to preserve the beauty, and maintain safety and cleanliness. The bunkers are painted with graffiti adding to the ambient atmosphere. The 360 degree view of Barcelona is one of the most picturesque and makes it perfect for picnics and sunsets like our travellers who captured their moments here.


Salsa Night:

Of our many fun activities one of our favorites is salsa night! Many travellers come out and dance the night away with a glass of sangria or two.






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