An insider’s guide to Sónar

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9 June, 2017
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21 June, 2017

An insider’s guide to Sónar

Summer in Barcelona means music Festivals

It’s summertime in Barcelona and is the beginning of the season for music festivals. Barcelona is a hub for many festivals such as, Primavera Sound, Vida. Cruilla and many more. This weekend is the electronic music festival, Sónar.


Sónar goes from Thursday, June 15 to Sunday, June 18 and has many options to enjoy the experience. There are many facets such as different exhibitions, music shows and delicious places to fill you up running from event to event.


There are about three aspects to Sonar: Sónar by Day, Sónar by Night and Sónar+D. Some major artists performing like Bjork, Thundercat and Anderson .Paak.

Sónar by Day has many concerts, dj’s and showcases and is located on Fira Montjuïc. Sónar by Night has many live shows and dj sets from many international artists and is located at the Fira Gran Via de L’Hospitalet. Sónar+D is an international conference for many digital creative industries focused on networking.


Sónar is a creative and cultural experience that attracts many people from all parts of the world. Three of our travellers are here for Sónar and to soak in the Barcelona sun.

What some travellers have to say about Sónar

Anne Christine, Rakel, and Cathrine are from Copenhagen and are our resident electronic music festival experts. This is the sixth time for Anne Christine, this is the second time for Cathrine, and first time at Sónar for Rakel.


They all met last night because they were on the same flight and when they arrived at 1:30 this morning at Hello BCN, they noticed each other’s Danish accent. Now there are here drinking coffee at breakfast together.


Anne Christine says this It is a common thing at sonar to go and hang out and enjoy some tapas and then meet a lot of friends. They all agreed that Barcelona is a great city for a music festival because of the weather and Barcelona has a really good underground scene for a variety of different music, including electronic.


They are excited to see artists like Justice, The Black Madonna, Nina Kravis and Nicholas Jaar.

Cathrine said that Sónar by Day is much more relaxed, chill and fashion-oriented and then Sónar by Night is more of a rave scene. They all said that the key is to either know a lot about electronic music or have a friend who is a electronic music nerd.


Rakel compared Sónar to the music festival, Melt, in Berlin. But nothing beats the city of Barcelona.


Anne Christine said she has had many interesting experiences at Sónar, including meeting a guy she dated back in Denmark.

One time she was meddling with some guys about getting drinks and they ended up watching the concert together. Now her friend and one of the guys are still together and have a kid.


Another time she and her friends split an Airbnb and the host gave them the keys and she noticed that he had an interesting space invader tattoo. The next day they were hanging out with some guys and at the end of the day she looks at his hand and notices a tattoo. She realizes it is the same space invader tattoo of the guy from the previous day. Anne Christine has many positive experiences from Sónar and will have many more.


There are a lot of social elements to music festivals but the city of Barcelona seems to light the spark for many people.

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