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Bicycle on the beach

Bicycle on the beach

Here in Barcelona renting bicycles is a really popular activity during the summer because they are cheap and a great way to get around. But some tourists really lack respect and a cycling etiquette. That’s why we’ve decided to compile a bunch of tips on biking safety and etiquette.


Bike Helmet

Whilst persons over 16 are not required to wear a helmet by law, it is highly recommended as it may well save your life if you get into an accident. When riding a bike in a new place is it easy to get distracted: you are not familiar with the traffic and you will be intrigued by all of the new sights so you will pay even less attention to the surrounding vehicles and pedestrians. Wear a helmet and stay safe!


Check your bike before you head off

When hiring a bike we expect that it is in good working condition.  But it is also your responsibility to make sure your bike.  Check that your bike has a bell – to warn others of your presence, not for annoying pedestrians. It is important to remember that in pedestrian areas, pedestrians have right of way.  If you cycle at night, you must have a white headlight and a red rear light, as well as reflectors. These must all be standardised and easily visible to pedestrians and motorists.


Mobile phones

It’s illegal to use your phone whilst riding your bike as it distracts you and slows your reaction time. You will be putting yourself and other people in danger by using a phone while riding a bicycle so don’t do it!  Live the moment, and share it later!



We think this is obvious, but you definitely should not use a bicycle while under the effect of alcohol or any other drugs. You will make irrational decisions that might cause damage to you and your environment. Please stay off the bike while under the effects of alcohol.


Listening to Music

Listening to music while cycling is a no-no. You can’t hear what is going on and that is basically 50% of your senses that you use while cycling. You can’t hear the traffic, you can’t hear if somebody is trying to say something to you etc. either way don’t listen to music while cycling, your environment will be grateful to you.


Obey the traffic laws

You should sign before you stop in the middle of the road; you should stop at the red lights; you shouldn’t overtake without looking over the shoulder first etc. Traffic laws are there for a reason, we should all obey them to keep everybody safe.


Don’t shout or be rude to other people

We know you might be angry at someone or you think someone made a mistake, but don’t lose your cool. Be rational and try to solve the problem like a normal human being. You don’t need to be rude or obnoxious, you can communicate a lot with a normal calm conversation.


Stay in your lane

Don’t ride on the road or the pedestrian sidewalk if you have your own lane designated. If you do you just put yourself and everybody else at unnecessary risk.

If you are sharing the way with pedestrians make sure to reduce your speed and maintain a distance of 1.5 metres.


Don’t carry passengers

If your bicycle is only meant for one person, then don’t put your friend on your handlebars. Your steering will be more difficult and now if you get into an accident you are not only responsible for yourself but for your friend as well.


Other bike safety rules to remember:

  • Ride a bike while holding on to other moving vehicles
  • Cycle on only one wheel
  • Let go of the handlebars with both hands
  • Zigzag in moving traffic
  • Load your bicycle with items that make manoeuvring difficult or restrict you vision
  • Cycle with earphones or helmets connected to audio devices.


These are just some of the basic tips we have compiled for you. We hope you find them useful. Stay safe!

Team HelloBCN




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