That time I did my internship in Barcelona, at HelloBCN Hostel…

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13 July, 2018
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That time I did my internship in Barcelona, at HelloBCN Hostel…

Hostel internship / Hospitality internship

Hostel internship / Hospitality internship

Ahhh Barcelona! What an amazing city! And what an amazing experience:  An internship in a youth hostel in Barcelona during the summer!

Now we all know that internships are important as they give you real life experience that help to prepare you for the real world.  And what better environment than a youth hostel to gain experience in the summer time!

A hostel is the perfect place to meet people from all over the world and hear about their travel and life experiences: 

Once I’d finish work “…I’d usually head out for a jam-packed day of sightseeing, meeting up with friends or even a day trip out of the city for a good few hours. A few times I even joined some guests I had met at breakfast!….   It was these other interns though, that added so much to my experience! I absolutely loved living with three other like-minded individuals, with such similar mind sets, although completely different backgrounds.” (Ben, South Africa)

Doing an internship in another country is also a great way to learn more about yourself:

“I spent the summer interning with HelloBCN Hostel in Barcelona. I held the role as a reference point for guests; my daily duties varied between assisting with food and the bar, and leading guests on trips to tourist attractions, or more generally around Barcelona. 

My time in Barcelona completely changed the way I view the world and myself. I realized how little we as Americans know about the world compared to how much people from other countries know about us. It was also interesting learning about different societal norms, and the effects of the different norms on cultures, outlooks, and personalities…. 

By the end of my internship I realized how capable I am in various social situations, and when traveling on my own. Like the friendships I made, the confidence and independence I gained will stay with me for the rest of my life.“  (Clare, USA)


Interns and guests enjoying chilling on the beach

Interns and guests enjoying chilling on the beach

There are a few things to bear in mind that you should NOT do as an intern:

Don’t be late:

It a no-brainer, but we’ll say it anyway: punctuality is very important.  It’s not cool to be late, not even if you had a hard night the night before with some of the guests.  Show up, and don’t forget to smile.  Then once you shift is over you can…  recover!

Don’t sit around waiting for someone to tell you what to do:

Interning for the first time can be daunting. But once you’ve settled in do your best to take extra initiative when appropriate. It shows that you’re interested.  What’s more, building a good reputation with your fellow workers will make your stay much more enjoyable.  If you run out of work, feel free to ask if there is anything else that you can do and see where you can offer assistance.




Don’t get distracted:

Staying productive and on top of the task at hand requires organization: get rid of any unnecessary distractions and instead have fun with the guests! After all, that’s what hostel internships are all about!  Avoid excessive tweeting, instagramming, and Facebooking while you’re at work. (If you have a social media internship, you’re exempted from this one.)

Don’t spring things on your supervisor

Effective communication is the foundation for any healthy relationship—and your professional relationships are no exception to this rule. If you have an issue, let your supervisor know as soon as possible so that it doesn’t escalate. The same goes for cutting your internship short or taking time off.  Great communication is a soft skill, but it’s a crucial one.


“I really had anticipated loving the city as well as my experience there, although I completely underestimated it! I got way more involved than I had previously imagined and certainly more than what was ‘necessary’, although this was entirely out of my own desire. My experience was the epitome of the age old adage ‘the more you put it the more you get out’. I really grew and developed from this experience at the same time as having some of the most exciting times of my life!” (Ben, South Africa)


If you’re interested in doing your internship at HelloBCN Hostel in Barcelona, contact us using the following link: click here




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