Fiesta Mayor – Fiestas de Gràcia 2018

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1 August, 2018
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15 November, 2018

Fiesta Mayor – Fiestas de Gràcia 2018

Fiestas de Gracia 2018

Fiestas de Gracia 2018

The Fiestas de Gràcia or Fiesta Mayor de Gràcia (in Catalan, Festa Major de Gràcia) is a popular event held in the Gràcia district of Barcelona starting from August 15 for a period between seven and ten days. Its most distinctive element is the ornamentation of streets, but also concerts, dances, castellera exhibitions, giants, fire dragons and other festive and religious events.Castellers


The Festival of Gràcia offers exhibitions, activities for children, workshops, sports activities, parades, performances by different artists and much more. In the squares of the neighborhood as the Plaza del Sol, or in the Plaza Rius i Taulet you can attend concerts of jazz, rock and even classical music. For gourmets there is also a part dedicated to gastronomy.



This year, a total of 21 streets and squares were decorated, having a variety of themes ranging from the ‘Book of the Jungle’ of Progrès, the nightclub of Olimpo de Travessia de Sant Antoni or the mythical Portuguese bookstore Lello de Joan Blanques of Baix del Tot.


Mottos and themes of the winners are as follows:

  1. (310 points) Llibertat: Sons rurals → Farm animals, hard work in the countryside and rustic leisure in an evocation of the agricultural life of yesteryear.Decorations
  2. (308 points) Verdi (del Mig): Ave Verdi → The street that has won several times celebrates 40 years of allying itself with ancient Rome to recover the podium.
  3. (290 points) Plaça Rovira: Sastreria i Confeccions Rovira Cia → Portrait with a realistic vocation of a craft fashion shop.


Today is the last day to enjoy the celebrations in the streets of Gracia, so if you haven’t been already make sure you get there tonight!


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