February in Barcelona – Things To Do

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4 February, 2019
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14 February, 2019

February in Barcelona – Things To Do

Main Events:

 February 9 thru February 12 – Santa Eulàlia Festival

This is a four day celebration of Barcelona’s co-patron saint, complete with musical performances, dancing as well as everything else you can expect from a four day celebration. Follow this link and check out all of the times and places for different events you can participate in.

February 28 thru March 6 – Barcelona Carnival

This is something you really do not want to miss. This celebration kicks off with Fat Tuesday and ends the following week on Ash Wednesday. Celebrations will be taking place throughout the entire city, but it is centered around the middle of Barcelona, ​​specifically the area of ​​El Borne. The end of the week, Ash Wednesday, marks the beginning of Lent, where Christians will give up certain vices for forty days. So if you are choosing to participate in Lent, then by all means indulge as much as you can this week. Or if you’re not participating in Lent, do it anyway (at least that’s what I choose to do.) Eat, dance, drink and just enjoy yourself – Barcelona has so much to offer. Take advantage. Click here to find out about all of the different events going on in the city.

 Also, Sitges, a gorgeous coastal town is known to host some of the best Carnival celebrations in Europe. It is less than an hour by train from Barcelona, ​​and the metro ticket costs € 7.20 round trip. So if you’re interested in some serious, check it out here .

Other Options:

Aside from the main events listed above, there is always something going on in Barcelona. As you probably know, Barcelona is a big soccer city. Look into attending an FC Barcelona match, or going to a bar to watch it. Here is a link to some of the upcoming matches . Or if soccer is not your thing, try checking out some rugby matches . In addition, there are tons of concerts going on all the time in Barcelona. Some cost some money, some are free. Be sure to look into that if you are interested in a certain music scene.

On another note, all of the big Museums in Barcelona are free on the first Sunday of every month! Some also have specific deals throughout the month, so be sure to check out those deals, some of which can be found by following this link . Who does not love a good day of museum hopping?

Just take advantage of the fact that you are in one of the coolest, most exciting cities in the world. Enjoy yourself + be safe this February! 

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