Best Sunset Spots in BCN (Part 1)

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11 February, 2019
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Best Sunset Spots in BCN (Part 1)

Sunsets over Barcelona

Sunsets over Barcelona

Recently, someone asked me, “If you could be in your happy place right now, where would you be and what would you be doing?” About three or four visions came to mind, but one of them is what inspired me to write this article: I’m sitting on some hilltop, the weather is really pleasant. I am with a group of friends, and we’ve packed a nice picnic – you know, cheese, bread, wine, maybe some champagne if we’re being really festive – the whole shebang. It’s early evening, we have a phenomenal view of the city we’re in, and the sun is beginning to sink below the skyline. And then all of a sudden, there’s this magnificent pink, yellow, orangey glow of a sunset. That’s what I pictured.

Luckily, in Barcelona that moment can easily be turned into a reality. Here, there are many extremely beautiful, easily accessible spots where you can watch as this spectacular city is bathed in the pinkish, golden glow of twilight.


Bunker Del Carmel

Address: Carrer de Mariâ Labérnia, 08032 Barcelona


It takes some time to get up the hill to the bunker, but with a metro card (which gives you access to the bus and subway system) and TMBapp (if you are planning on using the metro system, definitely download this) it can be an easy and enjoyable trip. You will face a bit (just a bit) of a hike to get to the top, so make sure you’re comfortable walking (uphill!) in what you’re wearing.

The secret is out – Bunker Del Carmel is a popular spot for sunset viewing, so it can get crowded there. I would recommend arriving about an hour and a half before sunset, and claim a nice lookout point (the higher the better) Pack a picnic of sorts – some snacks, drinks and maybe a few blankets if it is colder out – and you will be sure to have an enjoyable evening.



Ayre Hotel Rosellón

Address: Rosselló 390, Eixample 08025 Barcelona, Spain


This place is really quite a treat – you step out onto the rooftop terrace of Ayre Hotel and immediately before you is the breath-taking view of La Sagrada Familia, a Roman Catholic church that has been under construction since 1882. This experience was a pinch-me-i’m-dreaming moment. Like, really, how did I get so lucky?

Ayre Hotel is a few blocks from La Sagrada Familia, and this viewing point is available to the public. I would recommend getting there an hour or two before sunset, before it gets too crowded (my friend and I got there around 3:30.) We ordered a bottle of vino tinto and some patatas bravas from the lobby, and rode the elevator to the top. We didn’t leave for the next 3 hours. It was really spectacular.




Other hotels in Barcelona offer great views of the city, its numerous architectural accomplishments and the sea. Listed (and linked) below are a few others I have heard about:

  1. Las Arenas – former bullfighting ring turned shopping mall – has a rooftop terrace with great views of the city
  2. W Hotel Barcelona – Eclipse Barcelona
  3. Barceló Raval Hotel – 360º rooftop terrace


Barcelona Beach


It is difficult to have a bad evening on the beach. The Barcelona beach is super easy to get to, and this time of year is a great time to grab a spot on the sand and enjoy some lovely sunset views, without all of the crowds that summer brings. There is always something going on – from beach volleyball games, to pick-up ultimate frisbee matches, the beach is a beautiful and lively place to enjoy your evening. Bring a book and enjoy some time by yourself, or spend the evening with friends lounging on a blanket – the opportunities are endless.


Photo + Video Credit: Baylee Konen, instagram: @bayleemarie_photography

These are all of the sunset viewing spots I have been to and can personally recommend so far, but I have many more on my bucket list – so look out for a Part II coming sometime soon.

Until then, enjoy your sunsets in style.

With love,






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