March in Barcelona – Things To Do

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March in Barcelona – Things To Do

What's on in Barcelona in March...

What's on in Barcelona in March...

March is a great time to be in Barcelona – the days are getting longer, the temperature is steadily rising, and there are all kinds of celebrations going on.

February 28 thru March 6 – Barcelona Carnival

This is something you really do not want to miss. This celebration kicks off with Fat Tuesday and ends the following week on Ash Wednesday. Celebrations will be taking place throughout the entire city, but it is centered around the middle of Barcelona, ​​specifically the area of ​​El Borne. The end of the week, Ash Wednesday, marks the beginning of Lent, where Christians will give up certain vices for forty days. So if you are choosing to participate in Lent, then by all means indulge as much as you can this week. Or if you’re not participating in Lent, do it anyway (at least that’s what I choose to do.) Eat, dance, drink and just enjoy yourself – Barcelona has so much to offer. Take advantage. Click  here  to find out about all of the different events going on in the city.

 Also, Sitges, a gorgeous coastal town is known to host some of the best Carnival celebrations in Europe. It is less than an hour by train from Barcelona, ​​and the metro ticket costs € 7.20 round trip. So if you’re interested in some serious,  check it out here .

March 3 – Sant Medir Festival

This festival is especially great for children, or anyone with a sweet tooth (there’s no shame here!) The festivals main attraction is a parade, complete with colorful carriages, candy and flags that winds through the neighborhood of Gracía, beginning around 8 pm. The festival ends with a beautiful firework display. I have been told that many of the parade-goers bring umbrellas, despite the fact that it will most likely not be raining. Instead, these umbrellas are used to protect people from the flying candy launched from the carriages.

March 10 – Zurich Marathon of Barcelona 

Beginning and ending at Avinguda Maria Cristina, next to Montjüic’s Magic Mountain, this marathon promises beautiful sights for those that have the courage and agility to accomplish such a feat. If you, like me, simply cannot run that far but still want to be apart of the excitement, you can check out the routes here.

March 15 thru 17 –  Barcelona Beer Festival 

Taking place at  La Farga Center d’Activitats  in Hospitalet de Llobregat, this festival is a beer lovers haven. A place full of food, music and quality beer – what more could you want? You can buy your tickets online – it costs 7.75 € for a day, and €10.95 for the whole weekend. 

March 17 – Saint Patricks Day

If you are upset that you won’t be downing a Guinness in the heart of Dublin on March 17, have no fear because Barcelona still knows how to celebrate. So put a smile on your face, gather all of your green clothing items, and check out this website which gives you advice on the best way to spend your Saint Patricks day in Barcelona. In the meantime, here is a tutorial on how to do the Riverdance – practice diligently so you can break it out when the time comes.

 March 16 thru 24 – Festival of St Josep Oriol

Head to the Basilica of Santa Maria del Pi in the Gothic Quarter of Barcelona to be a part of this weekend-long celebration of St Josep Oriol, the “Thaumaturgus of Barcelona.” Witness Catalan traditions and celebrations, and attend the parade on Sunday.

Aside from what I’ve discussed here, there are still so many other events going on in Barcelona this March. So make sure to do a quick google search when you are here, and discover what is happening around you.

Enjoy yourself and be safe this March!

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