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Getting Around in Barcelona

Barcelona is a multi-faceted city, full of interesting landmarks and neighborhoods – but often these destinations can be spread out. If you want to truly see all that Barcelona has to offer, and you have limited time to do so, you’re going to need the proper transportation to get you there, because sometimes walking just doesn’t cut it (or takes you an hour and a half to get to your location.) Included below are suggestions for transportation methods that offer cost-effective, time-effective, pollution-minimizing and enjoyment-maximizing solutions. You have your choice of the lot.

Taxi Services

Taxis are very easy to track down, and typically have reasonably priced fare. If you flag one down, prices vary, but I would estimate that a 20 minute commute would cost you about $15, give or take. Click here to estimate the cost of your taxi ride.

If you want more information on the taxi service in Barcelona, you can call call 932 235 151 or email www.taxibarcelona.cat 

Also, Barcelona is NOT a city for Uber. There have been very serious issues in the past between Taxi drivers and Uber drivers – you don’t want to get yourself caught in-between the two. So remember, Barcelona = taxi city. While the taxi protest is currently over, if you’re interested you can check out this article to better understand the transportation feud going on in the city.

Metro, Bus + Tram

You can purchase a single ticket for any of these services for 2,20€, but there are many other options. You can have access to all three of these forms of transportation if you purchase an integrated ticket card, which you can find more information on here.  For example, one great option for weekend visitors would be a T-10 card, which allows you to take 10 trips for €10.20 (which can be used for multiple people!). If you are interested in buying a pass for a set amount of days, I’d recommend looking into purchasing a Hola Barcelona Travel Card. You can find all of the information for different cards here, and you can purchase tickets at the entrance to metro stations.

If you decide to navigate the city by way of bus/tram/metro, I’d recommend downloading the TMB App, which gives you instructions on the various ways you can reach your destination using the cities rail system. GoogleMaps also has a great navigation feature.


The metro is an extremely efficient way to get around the city. The metro system is well organized, time-efficient (with one metro coming every 3 minutes or so), and reasonably clean. There are 8 lines that run throughout the city, all of which are easy to navigate.


The bus is also a great option to get around the city – and it allows you to actually see Barcelona, unlike the metro (My heart is with the metro, though.) The bus system includes a fleet of more than 1,000 busses with 80 different routes.


There are two tram lines in Barcelona – you can find the route information here. This is a very comfortable and clean way to travel through the city.


This is the most health-conscious and environmentally friendly way to get around the city, and is a popular option for many visitors. There are different bike sharing services available throughout the city, but one particular option is Donkey Republic. Simply download the app and within a few clicks you will have easy access to the bike share within Barcelona. To understand the pricing, check out this website.

Pure efficiency aside, biking through Barcelona is a beautiful way to explore and navigate the city. Not only do bikes enjoy much more access than cars or busses, but you can outpace the walkers, and have access to virtually all of the same things. Barcelona has some great biking routes – check out this article written by TimeOut on the best places to cycle in the city.

Bus Tours

Companies like Barcelona Bus Touristic allow you to see the city by way of double-decker bus. You can hop on and hop off the bus whenever you’d like, as many times as you’d like, while experiencing a guided tour on the bus. This is a great way to see the popular attractions within Barcelona, all the while gaining knowledge about certain aspects of the city.

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