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16 July, 2019
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One Day in Barcelona

Cathedral of Barcelona

Cathedral of Barcelona

Layover in Barcelona? Stopping for a weekend trip? Or maybe visiting Barcelona on a business trip with only one day to explore after a week packed with meetings? Whatever your case may be, 24 hours is still plenty of time to fit Barcelona’s best destinations in. Let me show you how to make the most out of your one day in Barcelona



Bakery (Faborit)

(Taxi from starting location) Directions

Charming bakeries are the heart of any city, and Barcelona is certainly no exception. Take a page out of the book of a local and start your day with a coffee and a pastry or bocadillo (sandwich) from a local bakery.

My specific recommendation for the purposes of this blog post would be Faborit. This cafe has several locations, but I recommend the one located on the ground floor of the Casa Ametller. Maybe sit down with a coffee and pastry to start your day and enjoy the beautiful architecture of the building.



Casa Battló

(Walk from Faborit – 1 min) Directions

Gaudi architecture is a Barcelona staple and definitely a must-see. Located right across from Faborit is Casa Battló, a house converted by Gaudi into an underwater oasis.

I would recommend buying the audio guide option online. With this you will not only receive a guided audio tour, but there’s a 3D virtual reality model in the middle of the tour. This allows you to get a glimpse of what it was liek to actually live in the house.

This building is very well known for its “dragon tail” roof. Gaudi designed it and the panelling resembles the scales of a dragon. Be sure to check out the roof on your visit!

SIDENOTE – If you’re visiting during the summer and have more than one night, Casa Battló also has evening concerts and performances in the courtyard. These shows are called Magic Nights and if you buy a ticket, you also get a tour as well as a drink. Tickets available here.


Early Afternoon

La Sagrada Familia

(Cab from Casa Battló – 10 min) Directions

Arguably Barcelona’s most famous landmark, the Sagrada Familia is an essential destination. This Basilica is a working religious building and place of prayer where mass is conducted.

The architecture is one of a kind and has actually been going on for over a century. However, an official permit allowing construction until 2026 has been issued. This year is significant because it will be the 100th anniversary of Gaudi’s death.

Being one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, it is vital that you purchase your tickets ahead of time if you want to visit. I would recommend purchasing the audio tour online once again to save time! You still get to see everything important, but you can go at your own pace.



Paella/ Tapas (Casa Angela)

(Walk from La Sagrada Familia – 2 min) Directions

You’ve definitely worked up an appetite after all that walking! Time to eat! Casa Angela is extremely close to the Sagrada Familia.

The menu consists of paella, a traditional Catalan dish, as well as tapas, which are basically Catalan appetizers. Both are fantastic choices if you’re looking to get a taste of some of the area’s cuisine! (I HIGHLY recommend the patatas bravas).

Reference our previous blogs regarding paella and tapas for more information on what to look for when ordering!



La Rambla

(Cab from Casa Angela – 13 min) Directions

One of Barcelona’s most famous and scenic streets, La Rambla is a tourist hub and makes for a lovely afternoon stroll. You can take an hour or two just to walk, but there are two places I recommend stopping in front of…

Considered the heart of the city, Plaça Catalunya is a great place for people watching and feeding pigeons. It’s really important that you watch your belongings however, because pick-pocketers are looking for tourists.

This is a local market designed in Modernist style and filled with all sorts of Catalan food. Most vendors sell ready-to-eat, take-away items. When I went, I actually got meat in a cone (which I totally enjoyed).


Late Afternoon

The Gothic Quarter

(Walk from La Rambla – 7 min) Directions

The Gothic Quarter is another famous area in Barcelona and is actually the oldest part of the city. The empty and history-filled streets make for an amazing afternoon stroll.

Catedral de Barcelona is a beautiful example of the Gothic architecture and can be visited if there is no mass going on. It’s another beautiful piece of history worth stopping by.



Rooftop Drinks (Terraza Colón)

(Walk from Cathedral – 1 min) Directions

Dinner in Barcelona usually isn’t until after 9pm, so getting drinks after a long day of sightseeing is the way to go! The view is amazing and it’s a great way to relax and unwind. Barcelona sunsets are unlike any other.

Terraza Colón definitely gives off a more posh vibe with its stunning decor and amazing wine selection. If you’re looking for something different, perhaps a pub or a gin bar check out this article for more recommendations.



Beach Restaurants (Barceloneta)

(Cab from Terraza Colón – 12 min) Directions

Barceloneta is lined with several great restaurants. From fresh seafood to burgers and fries, you’re bound to find something delicious.

My favorite restaurant I went to along the beach is probably Surf House. Their menu combines American food and traditional Catalan tapas. I usually get a smoothie, the patatas bravas, and the Surfer’s Burrito. They’re poke bowls are also incredible.



Beach Nightlife

(Walk from Surf House – 13 min) Directions

After dinner maybe take a stroll along the beach and take in the views. If you want to get a feel for the nightlife, the Barceloneta clubs are a good time.

I would recommend starting at Opium because there are other clubs, like Shoko and Pacha, right next door! The attire at these clubs is pretty nice, so it may be a good idea to change before attending.

People in Barcelona really don’t go to the clubs until 1 or 2 am. There are several club promoters that can make your night even more fun as well!


For more information and other possible recommendations, please reference Your RV Lifestyle’s article 100 Things to do in Spain. This will give you a more extensive list of everything in Spain if you had something else in mind for your visit! Happy travelling!





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