Lexi in España

La Mercè 2019
Barcelona’s greatest party: La Mercè
20 September, 2019
CASA BATLLO- Modernist Museum in Barcelona
3 February, 2020

Lexi in España

Hola! The Cataluña locals pronounce my name Lee-chee, but I usually just go by Lexi.

Barcelona, Spain will be my home for the next couple of months.

During that time I’ll explore Barcelona and all the city has to offer. Nightlife, historical monuments, festivals like the Sitges Carnival, and quick day trips- you want it, I got it.

I’m working with HelloBCN Hostel to show off what I’m up to, offer sustainable travel tips, and promote the city.

It’s an exciting time.

I can’t wait to share my experiences with you. I hope readers will use my experience and tips & tricks to create their own memories at HelloBCN and in Barcelona!

Enjoy your travels,

HelloBCN & Lexi




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