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18 February, 2020
Guide to Sustainable Travel: Toothpaste Tablets
24 February, 2020

Guide to Sustainable Travel: Respect

Barcelona is the sixth most visited place in Europe, according to the World Atlas (2019)…. and with reason!

Barcelona offers amazing food, culture, and fun, but as tourists, let’s take responsibility for maintaining the city.

Simple Ways to Travel Responsibly

Travel Off-Season

  • To reduce the crowds and support the city, travel off-season (October-April). You’ll support businesses that struggle during the off-season and experience a more authentic Barcelona.

Respect your neighborhood

  • A strange concept (and something that I’m extremely jealous of), people actually live in Barcelona. Let them sleep, even when you’re not!


  • Renting bikes is a great way to travel around the city. Be sure to ride in the bike lane (not the sidewalk) and follow traffic laws.

Enjoy your travels,

HelloBCN & Lexi

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