Bunkers - Carmel
BUNKERS DEL CARMEL- a 360-degree view of the city
6 March, 2020
Sagrada Familia
Virtual Tours
26 March, 2020

Lexi (not) in Espana

Lexi in Spain

Lexi in Spain

An adventure cut short

Due to the increase in cases and alarm involving Coronavirus, my university suspended our travel and asked all students to return home.


I’ll be working from home from here on out. If you have any recommendations/suggestions for content you’d like to see, please drop a comment.

This is my city, virtually. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pvPb7VtLD7c

I would recommend HelloBCN to anyone. I’m biased, but everyone, Jorge (a friendly greeting), Danielle (my boss), Syliva (the owner), & the volunteers who I got to know on a deeper level, all dedicate themselves to the guest experience.

Barcelona has given me the mountains, tapas, a hurricane (crazy!), a completely new interpretation of nightlife, an amazing internship, a love for Estrella, a newfound love for Spainards, & the best roommates I could ask for.

It’s so easy to focus on the sad parts of life. What could have been and the missed opportunities.

I feel sad. That’s ok. I also recognize and give credit to my other feelings.

  • Joy- laughing with my roommates
  • Discovery- Lucky Strike, Catalan culture, how to be an intern.
  • Awareness- European lifestyles, kindness, taking the long way
  • Awe- in architecture. In friendships. In relationships that I thought would never develop past a wave.
  • Appreciation- “How lucky are we?”

Enjoy your travels, even if they lead you back home.

HelloBCN & Lexi

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