It’s a good day to be happy!

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26 March, 2020
Love letter to Barcelona
A love letter to Barcelona…
23 April, 2020

It’s a good day to be happy!

In regards to the current situation, HelloBCN modified our tagline to “It’s a good day to be happy!”

Our lives, routines, and travel plans have been shaken, tossed and thrown around.

With all this chaos, I find comfort in acknowledging the power I hold over my emotions. Especially recognizing the good in each day.

Experts recommend journaling to increase positivity and happiness.


Dedicate five minutes each evening to write down three things that made you happy, appreciated, excited or loved.

Seriously, write them down.

Try it out for a couple of weeks and see if you notice any differences in your attitude, mood or behavior.

Today, I recognize and value these people and things in my life.

  • My friends- Thank goodness for Zoom, Snapchat, and Facetime.
  • Yoga- Today, I participated in an online yoga class. My mom joined me and it was really fun to stretch and spend time with her.
  • Our Wii- My whole family played Mario Kart together (please enjoy the awkward family photo).

Please continue to stay positive and try journaling.

Enjoy your travels. Explore your mind.

It’s a good day to be happy!

HelloBCN & Lexi

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