Meet our staff and guests

30 January, 2020

Lexi in España

Hola! The Cataluña locals pronounce my name Lee-chee, but I usually just go by Lexi. Barcelona, Spain will be my home for the next couple of […]
13 February, 2020

Meet Our Guests

Here at HelloBCN, we receive travelers from all over. Families to singles, Oldies to newbies. In an attempt to share the culture of HelloBCN, I reached […]
18 February, 2020

Meet Laurent

HelloBCN, Hello Guests Laurent, 31, drove from Toulouse, France to see his favorite rock band, Dream Theatre. “I’m here for only two days… back to work […]
18 February, 2020

Meet Angie

HelloBCN, Hello Guests Angie, Santa Monica, California (24), is a volunteer at HelloBCN through Go-Eco, an organization that promotes sustainable travel. “I studied the environment and […]
18 February, 2020

Meet Федор

HelloBCN, Hello Guests Федор, or Fedor in English, (22) traveled from St. Petersburg, Russia to visit Barcelona. “This is my first trip outside of Russia.” On […]
18 February, 2020

Meet Simone

HelloBCN, Hello Guests “Why would I not want to come to Spain?” says Simone (20), from Melbourne, Australia. – Simone plans to stay at HelloBCN for […]

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