Solar panels

HelloBCN was one of the first hostels to install solar panels on the roof to take advantage of Barcelona’s amazing climate to heat the water for our showers.  The energy derived from the solar panels is stored and used to heat the water as people are showering, thus reducing the need to have hundreds of litres of hot water stored in very large containers.  This has important health implications as well.  Of course, there are a few days where the sun doesn’t shine in Barcelona and we’re prepared for this!  So don’t fret, you won’t have to worry about not having hot water for showers!


We encourage recycling.  In Barcelona, this means separating plastic, aluminium, paper, glass and food scraps from non-recyclable garbage.

We have set up a ‘recycling station’ in the common area with several recycling bins and request that guests participate in this very important goal.  Please look out for the ‘plastics and aluminium bin’, the ‘paper and cardboard bin’, the ‘glass bin’ and the ‘food scraps bin’.