sagrada familia

14 February, 2019
Sunsets over Barcelona

Best Sunset Spots in BCN (Part 1)

Recently, someone asked me, “If you could be in your happy place right now, where would you be and what would you be doing?” About three […]
7 May, 2019

48 Hours In Barcelona

Barcelona is an enormous city, with places to explore looming around every corner – there is enough going on here to entertain someone for a lifetime. […]
18 July, 2019
Cathedral of Barcelona

One Day in Barcelona

Layover in Barcelona? Stopping for a weekend trip? Or maybe visiting Barcelona on a business trip with only one day to explore after a week packed […]
3 February, 2020
SAGRADA FAMILIA- Roman Catholic Basilica

SAGRADA FAMILIA- Roman Catholic Basilica

What? Created by architect Antoni Gaudi the Sagrada Familia serves as a dedication to the Holy Family. The church has been under construction for over 135 […]

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