20 April, 2018

Why You Should Visit Barcelona This Summer

Do you have your summer holiday destination already planned out? If not, we are here to help you and show you why you should visit Barcelona […]
28 February, 2019

Love to travel? Do it right… (The Tourism Effect)

The combination of cheap airfare, affordable lodging and social media has led to one of the biggest “trends” in our world today – tourism. It’s a […]
3 April, 2019

How To Pack Like A Pro

Are you a compulsive over-packer? Packing procrastinator? Inherently disorganized? All types of individuals are welcome here, and there will be no judgment – I personally fall into […]
8 August, 2019

Fiesta Mayor de Gracia

Summer time is here! And Barcelona’s summer neighbourhood parties have begun!  But you’ve not experienced a neighbourhood party if you’ve never been to La Fiesta Mayor […]

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